Simple start

Fast registration and settings for you locations. Greate templates for stickers from our partners.

Instant notifications

Owner, manager and customers receive notifications by email, Telegram, SMS.

Unlimited locations

Ability to create unlimited count of qr codes to configure vote metrics on every customers step.

Advanced Analitics

Charts, tables, dashboards with useful metrics.

How it works

Steps for start to receive comments.

Start your trial

Start to use our service to check it's profit.

Register company First

Add managers and locations

Register locations: stores, caffes ... And add managers to work with customers reviews..


Detalize places

Create nesseccary qr codes for targeted comments. Maybe you want to track queue at the checkout..


Print codes

Chose and print templates with qr codes for feedback form...


Start to get comments

You will get notifications via Telegram, email and sms..


App Pricing

  • Premium
  • This is premium all inclusive plan. This offer is active for limited period of time
  • Dashboards
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Telegram
  • Customer registration
  • Customer phone verification
  • Custom feedback forms
  • Signup

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